First AId and CPR Classes in Denver and the front range

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Teaching First Aid and CPR classes in Denver for over 13 years

Next Step CPR and Safety Training has been providing BLS, CPR and First Aid Training in Denver and the front range area for over 13 years, with clients ranging from companies like Costco, Asplundh (tree service for XCEL Energy) and the City of Aurora, to community cpr classes with open enrollment. 

At Next Step CPR, we minimize the use of training videos and maximize the use of direct instructor training. This gives us flexibility that you will not experience with other CPR classes in Denver. It allows us to spend extra time on sections that are more applicable to your industry, incorporate more hands on time, and provide a training experience that keeps everyone more engaged.

 We meet all State, Federal, and OSHA requirements for CPR and First Aid training in Colorado for organizations that are regulated. We offer certification through the American Safety and Health Institute and the American Heart Association.

Instructors are available to teach BLS, First Aid and CPR classes in Denver, Aurora, Boulder, Longmont, Loveland, Fort Collins, and the surrounding Front Range.

Group Training

We offer onsite first aid and cpr classes in Denver and the front range at no additional cost. Minimim group size of 5.

Class Options

We have the right class for you with over 10 options for CPR, First Aid, and safety training available

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Why you need CPR and First Aid Training

The average emergency response time in Colorado is 8-11 minutes.

In that short time, someone can experience brain death without CPR, bleed out without first aid, or choke to death without assistance.

Throw in the complications of having limited phone reception in mountain and rural areas the need for cpr and first aid classes in Denver and Colorado in general increases exponentially. Even with phone reception in mountain and rural areas of Colorado, the response time can be very delayed

Through education and quick response to emergencies, we can drastically increase survival rates for those who experience medical and injury emergencies. When going into an emergency in Denver, CPR training will gain you valuable time while waiting for advanced response.

Even if you have been trained in the past, those skills need to be refreshed. It is easy to forget critical components involved in cpr and first aid. When you combine that with our emotions and lack of experience with real emergencies, that training you had 5 years ago will feel like decades.

Get trained and save a life!


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General FAQS about our classes

We teach through both the American Safety and Health Institute and the American Heart Association.

The certification that you receive will be good for 2 years.

Typically it will only take 1-2 business days from when we receive payment for your certification to be issued.

Absolutely! Check out our group training page for more information.

The majority of our classes are onsite/group trainings. However, on occasion we will offer open enrollment classes. They will be on our home page if any are coming up. Or, if you have 5 or more people who are interested in training, we can just come to you!