CPR and First Aid Class Options

Let us help with your CPR and First Aid Training needs

We offer certification through the American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI) and the American Heart Association (AHA) within a 50 mile radius of Denver.

ASHI CPR and First Aid certifications are recognized and accepted in Colorado by the vast majority of organizations (both State and Federal) that require certification. We are more than happy to provide a letter stating the acceptance of ASHI CPR and First Aid training in Denver and the surrounding areas for your industry. Learn more about American Safety and Health Institute.

ASHI classes allow us to train with a primarily instructor led and not video led course. This allows for a much more engaging class, that helps to not only keep the students present, but creates significantly better material retention. 


CPR Certification

Our CPR class will prepare you to deal with cardiac emergencies, how to use an AED and how to deal with choking emergencies.

Abdominal Thrusts

First Aid Certification

We have multiple first aid training options available to meet your or your organizations needs.

CPR and First Aid Certification

Combine our CPR and FIrst Aid class to be prepared for the majority of emergencies.

Infant CPR Compressions

Pediatric CPR and First Aid Certification

This class is designed with a focus on the infant to puberty age range. Whether you have kids or work with kids, this is the class you need.

Bloodbourne Pathogens Certification

Bloodborne Pathogens training is designed for industries that are either required to have this training, or for individuals at a higher risk of bloodborne pathogens exposure.

This class is only offered as an add on to other trainings.

Oxygen Administration Certification

This training is for those who desire or are required to be trained in emergency oxygen administration.

This class is only offered as an add on to other trainings.

Online Training Options

In addition to our onsite training options, we also offer multiple online training options. 

About the American Safety and Health Institute

The American Safety and Health Institute is an organization established in 1977 that offers comprehensive emergency care training, continuing education, safety training and chemical compliance solutions with the primary goal of making the workplace and community safer. 

ASHI CPR, AED and First Aid training programs are currently accepted, approved, or recognized as an industry credential meeting the requirements of nearly 5000 state regulatory agencies, occupational licensing boards, national associations, commissions, and councils in more than 550 occupations and professions.

They are a leader when it comes to emergency training solutions that meet state and federal regulations.



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