CPR compressions Denver

CPR Classes in Denver and the Front Range

All of our CPR classes cover CPR, AED and Choking


There are over 350,000 out of hospital cardiac arrest deaths in the US every year, about 7000 of those are in Colorado.


With early access to an AED, survival rates can jump to over 50% in a cardiac arrest emergency.


Choking is the 3rd highest cause of preventable death for children under 5 and adults over 75.

Who this CPR class is for

This training is for anyone looking for basic CPR classes in Denver and the Front Range. We cover how to recognize and respond to cardiac arrest, how to use an AED and what to do in a life threatening choking emergency.

CPR class in Denver

Class Options

We offer two main training options for CPR classes. Both options cover using an AED and responding to choking emergencies.

Adult and Child CPR

Class Length: 1-1.5 hours

$ 35
per person

Adult, Child and Infant CPR

Class Length: 1.5-2 hours

$ 40
per person

Why you need cpr training

CPR class in Denver

Delayed emergency response

The average emergency response time in Denver, CO is 8-11 minutes.

Time to brain death

Unfortunately brain death for the average adult will occur in 6-8 minutes

Increased survival

If bystander CPR begins early into the emergency, brain death will be delayed, with survival rates jumping from about 5% up to 75%.