CPR or First Aid Training?

Should I be trained in CPR or First Aid?

I have heard this question a lot in my last 13 years of teaching CPR and First Aid. While I tend to teach CPR classes in Denver, this question is one that is applicable to anyplace in the world. 

The ideal answer is that you should be trained in both CPR and First Aid. Unfortunately time and money constraints often get in the way. In the case of businesses, it is often a regulatory issue. Often a business just wants to provide safety training to their employees.

However, the probability of coming across a situation that requires first aid is significantly higher than needing to provide CPR. From seizures to overdose, there are literally hundreds of different types of injury and medical emergencies a person can run into. 


For instance, one client of mine routinely deals with head trauma, seizures, diabetic emergencies and choking. In the last 10 years as my client, they have not had a single cpr related incident.

I can personally attest to this in my personal life outside of being paid for emergency care. I have helped family members with broken bones, came across roll over car accidents, rock climbing injuries, lacerations, and multiple medical emergencies. All of these required first aid knowledge, not CPR.

So the next time that you are contemplating taking a cpr or first aid class, perhaps lean towards first aid training first (better yet, spend an extra $15 and get trained in both!).

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