Onsite Group CPR and First Aid Training in Denver and the Front Range

Let us simplify your safety training


As long as you have a group of 5 and are within our Colorado service area, we will come to you at no additional cost.

Cost Effective

We offer some of the best group pricing in the Denver area so you can train more employees for less.


Safety training does not have to be dull. We keep your group engaged with classes customized for your industry.

We focus on providing engaging, customized, onsite CPR and First Aid classes within our service area. Over our 13 years of teaching CPR and First Aid in Denver, we have worked with a wide variety of industries. Through this, we have gained the knowledge of your industry specific cpr and first aid training needs and will customize the class accordingly. Most organizations offer a packaged CPR and First Aid training that is the same regardless of industry, leaving you wondering how this training applies to you in your workplace or home.

Customized CPR and First Aid Classes

Don't settle for less

While a one size fits all approach can work well for some, we have decided to take a more customized approach to our CPR and First Aid trainings.  

We recognize that the type of emergency one encounters in an assisted living home is significantly different than what we see in the construction industry. From construction, healthcare, and office environments, to scout troupes, schools and coaches, the safety training needs are all different and you should not expect them to be the same.

Even within the same industry needs can be different. You might be an arborist working in Denver minutes from help, or up in the mountains hours away from care.

You should not have to to settle for a CPR and First Aid class that is the same regardless of industry, location, and access to emergency care. We provide customized training free of charge to all of our clients regardless of class size.

Group Rates

Next Step CPR and Safety Training offers group discounts starting at 8 people in the class.

 All of our group classes will receive a free first aid kit audit and AED audit to help keep you ready for emergencies and ensure that you keep up with your industry regulations.

Quick Class quote

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Service Area

Our service area extends to a 50 mile radius from Denver. We frequently teach CPR classes in Boulder, Aurora, Fort Collins, Longmont and Lone Tree.

If you are outside of our service area, we can still come to your location for an additional gas charge. 

Some of the Colorado locations that we have taught outside of our service area are Colorado Springs, Palisade, Eagle, and Estes Park.

Some of the companies that we work with

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